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One of our favorite companies to purchase from, The Vegan Warehouse, is a COMPLETELY vegan site with products ranging from fashion and makeup to household and reusable products! Being able to shop on a website where we don't even need to think twice about if it's vegan or not is a huge reason to why we support them and had to partner with them! Also, part of the profits from each purchase go to animal sanctuaries, too, so you know your purchase isn't just making a difference in your life but other lives, too.

Goli Nutrition is the home of the world's first ever apple cider vinegar gummy! Apple cider vinegar is an extremely awesome product, but taking a spoonful of this stuff is hard!! When we found these gummies we were absolutely hooked because not only do they taste good, but they are gluten-free, vegan, soy and nut-free! They also contain NO artificial flavors. Taking these gummies each day supports your immune system, gut health and digestion (which is REALLY important for us allergy folks), and even helps improve energy. There are even more benefits from these gummies that we can't list all of them, but we truly swear by taking these. If you want to try these amazing things, use our code "theheartfeltway" or click the link above to receive 5% off your order!

JOI, standing for Just One Ingredient, is an amazing plant base that makes homemade nut milk EASY. It is shelf-stable and can be used for much more than just milk...sauces, shakes, ice cream and more! It seriously has endless possibilities and because it's just one ingredient with no added sweeteners you can make a variety of milks to your liking. We make coffee creamer with this stuff and it is incredible! If you don't have the time to soak, blend, and strain your own almonds or cashews, this is a fantastic option. It takes all of that hard work out and all that's left is to blend with water and your other add-ins and you're good to go. If you want to try JOI, use our code "heartfelt" for 10% off your order or click the link above!